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  • Proceedings – InfoVaya
NER 2017 accepted papers will be available on InfoVaya until June 1, 2018. The manuscripts will be accessible to registered attendees only.  We will have WiFi in the meeting space; however, we do recommend that you download/print any papers ahead of time as we will not have a printer available on-site. Attendees will be able to view individual papers under their corresponding presentations. A downloadable folder with the entire set of papers will be available 30-60 days after the end of NER 2017.
  • InfoVaya Instructions

InfoVaya® is a secure cloud platform designed to support our researchers in promoting their work and advancing their careers. It will further provide online access to our program and conference proceedings. Detailed info please refer to InfoVaya Instructions page.

  • Online Program is now available here
  • NER’17 Student Paper Competition Finalists

Please join us in congratulating the finalists of the NER’17 Student Paper Competition. We hope you will join us for the Judging Session on Saturday, 27 May 2017 from 10:45-11:45 in Emerald I&II where the finalists will present their papers. The Awards Presentation will be on Saturday, 27 May 2017 at 13:30. Detailed info please refer to Student Paper Competition page.

  • Student Travel Award Winner

Ori Cohen, Dana Doron, Moshe Koppel, Rafael Malach, and Doron Friedman. “High performance in brain-computer interface control of an avatar using the missing hand representation in long term amputees” Department of Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel. 4R. Malach is with the Weizmann.

  • Important Notice for Visa ( April 1st, 2017 )

By the request of many authors, we are now providing the visa support letter from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, our local host institution, please refer to detailed description in  Visa page.

  • Pre-conference Workshop

Join us for the Pre-Conference Symposium, more info can be found in Pre-conference workshop page.

  • Final Submission Deadline Extension for 1-page Papers

Due to multiple requests, 1-page papers final submission deadline has been extended until:Mar 22, 2017 (Mar 8, 2017, Feb 8, 2017).

  • Author Notification Date Extension for 1-page Papers

Due to multiple requests, 1-page papers author notification deadline has been extended until: Mar 8, 2017 (Feb 22, 2017).

  • Submission Deadline Extension for 1-page Papers

Due to multiple requests, 1-page papers submission deadline has been extended until: Feb 21, 2017 (Feb 15, 2017Feb 8, 2017).

  • Final Submission Deadline Extension for 4-page Papers

Due to multiple requests, 4-page papers final submission deadline has been extended until: Feb 20, 2017 (Feb 15, 2017, Feb 8, 2017).

  • Author Notification Date Extension for 4-page Papers

Due to multiple requests, 4-page papers author notification deadline has been extended until: Feb 6, 2017 (Feb 1, 2017).


         Sponsored by the Motorola Solutions Foundation

brain-operated exoskeleton


For seminal contributions to brain-machine interfaces

In creating the field of neuroengineering, Miguel A.L. Nicolelis’ pioneering work on brain-machine interfaces has completely changed people’s perception of what brains can do and how such research can be rapidly applied to help humans. Nicolelis demonstrated that humans can use raw brain activity to directly communicate with mechanical, electronic, and virtual devices in real time and in a closed control loop. He played a key role in the development of a robotic exoskeleton that can help paralyzed individuals to walk. He focused on methods to read a paraplegic person’s brain waves and decode and use them to move hydraulic drivers on the suit. His work has great implications for patients with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury.

An IEEE Member, Nicolelis is the Duke School of Medicine Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.

TAGLINE: Leader in developing neuroprosthetic devices that harness brain activity is revolutionizing therapies for patients suffering from severe levels of paralysis.

  • Submission deadline extension

Due to multiple requests and holidays, 4-page submission deadline has been extended until: Jan 6, 2017 (Dec 15, 2016).

  • Nomination Form

Students who attend Student Paper Competition must submit 4-page paper and nomination form to the papercept by Jan 6, 2017 (Dec 15, 2016), please refer to Student Paper Competition page.

  • Neural Engineering Student Travel Award

This award is designed to encourage excellence in Neural Engineering with particular emphasis on Neural Interface ( deadline is the same as abstract submission for the conference ), please refer to Neural Engineering Student Travel Award page. Please send a copy of your conference abstract to dxd6@case.edu.

  • Now Call for proposals

NER’17 will have half- or one-day pre-conference workshops on May 25, 2017. Now calling for pre-conference Workshop Proposals (deadline Nov 1, 2016), please refer to Call for Proposals page. Please submit your proposal online here.

Conference Program

Online Program is now available here.
May 25,2017
May 26,2017
  • Registration and Preconference Workshops
  • Workshop #1: IEEE  Brain Initiative  Workshop on Advanced NeuroTechnologies for BRAIN Initiatives (ANTBI): Challenges and Opportunities
  • Workshop #2: Deep Brain Stimulation: Neurodynamics, Technology and Clinical Translation
  • Keynote Talk #1: Chad Bouton, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Northwell Health,Title:”Restoring Movement after Paralysis and the Future of Bioelectronic Medicine”
  • Symposium #1: Bioelectronic Medicine
  • Keynote Talk (KT-Special) – Miguel A. L. Nicolelis, “Special Keynote for 2017 IEEE Daniel Noble Award: Miguel A. L. Nicolelis”
  • Symposium #2: Cognitive Neural Engineering
  • Plenary Talk: Mu-Ming Poo, Chinese Academy of Science, Title:”Pattern Recognition by the Brain: Neural Circuit Mechanisms
  • Welcome Reception
May 27,2017
May 28,2017
  • Keynote Talk #2: Herta Flor, University of Heidelberg, Title: “Brain circuits involved in phantom limb pain: Implications for treatment”
  • Symposium #3: Neurorehabilitation and Prosthetics
  • Student Paper Competition Session
  • SPC Award & Travel Award
  • Symposium #4: Neuroimaging
  • Keynote Talk #3: Sameer Sheth, Columbia University, Title: “Neurophysiology of Cognitive Control in Human Prefrontal Cortex”
  • Symposium #5: Neurocomputation
  • Symposium #6: Bidirectional Brain Machine Interfacing