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Paper Submission Guidelines.
This year we will accept 4-page short papers and 1-page papers. Four-page papers will be indexed in IEEE Xplore and will be on the USB that is distributed at the conference. One-page papers will only be included on the conference website and do not require a copyright form as they will not be indexed in IEEE Xplore.Detailed information about manuscript preparation for paper submission and required format can be found here.
Note that, to facilitate the submission of 1-page papers, many format requirements and submission requirements have been either removed or simplified. Please submit your contribution using the following four steps. Initial submissions must be uploaded by November 24, 2014 for 4-page papers and , January 7, 2015 for 1-page papers.1. Obtain a PIN (Use your current PIN if you already have one).

2. Download the four pages template for MS-Word or LaTeX from the IEEE support site. For one page submissions, use the following  MS-Word template.

3. Submit your manuscript using the following site: Papercept. If there are issues with the upload, please use Firefox and try again.

You will be notified if your paper has been accepted by December 5, 2014. You will have until December 28, 2014 to pay the registration fee, submit the on-line copyright form (for 4-page papers), and upload your final paper. There will be no extensions to that December 28, 2014.  After that, you will be notified what day/time/slot your paper is accepted for.

Please prepare the following information about your manuscript in preparation of your submission:

*Title of the paper
*Number of authors
*PIN for all authors or key authors for 1-page abstracts (other co-authors are not searchable in the program book)
*Theme (You can select from pull down menu)
*Keywords (You can select from keywords list)
*Type of presentation

Detailed Manuscript Format Requirements

Manuscripts for NER’15 will ONLY be accepted in electronic format through the web-based paper online submission system. Do not send hardcopy of your paper. If you are unable to submit your contribution electronically, please contact us. Manuscripts for submission require

  • Only PDF files will be accepted.
  • The page size of your submission must be US Letter.
  • Please limit your paper within 4 pages (or 1 page for 1-page papers), and the size of your PDF file less than 2MB, files larger than 2MB will not be accepted for upload.
  • The document should not have any password protection.
  • Authors should only submit originally written, unpublished work to NER’15.
  • NER’15 will adopt a two-step submission process. The Initial Submission will be for review purposes and stamped for confidentiality. If your paper is accepted, you will be required to upload your final paper by the Final Paper Submission Deadline. The final submission of 1-page paper can be submitted by simply clicking the button “submit initial submission as final submission as is” if no significant revisions required.
  • The corresponding author is required to complete the registration fee prior to uploading their final paper.
  • Please refer to the no-show policy EMB has published on the website.

Additional requirements for 4-page short papers

To help you prepare your paper for submission be sure your paper is formatted according to the Conference Paper Requirements. We have arranged for a manuscript creation/test site, PDF express. PLEASE read the information provided here as it will help you in submitting your paper. Your paper will be rejected by the system if it is not compliant with the conference format style.

  • Each Corresponding Author (the author who submits the paper, will attend the conference to present the paper and is responsible for communicating with the Conference Organizers and the paper’s co-authors) is limited to two submissions for the conference. Papers are limited to 4 pages. Authors wishing to submit an over-length manuscript may do so. There will be an over-length page fee of $125 per page and limited to an additional 3 pages (maximum page submission is seven (7) pages). This payment will be required after author notification of accept/decline.
  • All fonts must be embedded in the file.
  • Fonts that require non-English language support are not allowed.
  • Two-column format in the IEEE style is required for final submissions and recommended for initial submissions.
  • Do not put your own page numbers on the manuscript.
  • The document margins must satisfy the printer’s requirements.
  • During your initial submission, you will be required to add all the co-authors of your paper. In order to add a co-author, you will be able to search by their name or e-mail address. If they are not in the system, you will be able to add them with their name and email address. Please remember, once accepted, you will be required to add any additional co-authors during your final submission.
  • The corresponding author of invited papers should forward the paper ID number, title and authorship of the submitted paper to the session organizer.
  • The corresponding author is required to complete the copyright and pay the registration fee prior to uploading their final paper. If the corresponding author will not attend the conference and a co-author will attend and present the paper in their place, the corresponding author must be updated in the paper submission database and a substitution form must be submitted. Then, the corresponding author is required to access the registration database to complete payment.  There are no registration refunds after the final upload is completed. During the registration process, you will be shown all of the papers you are listed as an author on. You must uncheck the box next to the papers that you will not be presenting. Then, go to the paper database to complete the IEEE copyright form and upload the final paper.

Student Paper Competition – If accepted, the student must be available to present his/her work at the conference. If unavailable to attend, the paper will not be included in Xplore and the no-show policy will be in effect.

Automatic PDF Conversion:

If you are preparing your file using MS-Word or LaTeX, the system can convert your file to Xplore PDF compliant file automatically. At the point when you are asked to upload your file, instead of already created PDF file, you can

  • MS-Word: Upload your MS-Word file in the required form, the PDF file will be created for you. Please inspect the file and if margins are within prescribed gray background, you can simply click on Submit button to deposit your file. Make sure that the path to your MS-Word file or its name does not contain non-ASCII characters.
  • LaTeX1: Upload your LaTeX source file together will all images, style files in a SINGLE zip archive. The main LaTeX file must be called root.tex. Make sure that the path to your zip file or its name does not contain non-ASCII characters.

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