Latest news

2014, 8th October
  • A BCI challenge will be open mid-November. The 3 best competitors will receive a prize and the winner will be invited to publish a full paper in IEEE TBME.
2014, 3rd September
  • Pr Karlheinz Meier, is professor at Heidelberg University and he will give a plenary talk on computational neurosciences. He is also co director of the European flagship Human Brain Project.
2014, 23rd June
  • Prof Hugues Duffau, neurosurgeon and head of the neurosurgery unit at University Hospital of Montpellier will give a talk on brain mapping during awake surgery.
  • Prof John Rogers is currently Swanlund Chair Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and will give a plenary talk on unusual electronic and photonic devices applied to biomedical fields.
2014, 6th June
  • Paper submission is open ! 6 student travel grants are available. Best papers will be selected for journal publication in IEEE TNSRE/TBME (see “paper submission” for details).
  • Prof Karl Deisseroth from Stanford University will give a plenary talk on the most advanced breakthroughs in optogenetics.