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Student travel – IEEE TNSRE special issue

The organizing committee wants to promote students’ participation and te visibility of the best papers. To achieve this goal two specific actions are scheduled. They both will be managed by the Award Committee.

Student travel grants

Students are encouraged to apply for a travel grant. 6 grants are available and are sponsored by NUMEV structure. The grant will cover registration fees, stay and travel costs. To apply students should fill the application form with their supervisor and submit a regular 4-pages paper (1-page abstract not accepted for this application). The committee will provide for an answer prior to the conference event. During the conference, students have to present their paper either through poster or oral session and the Award Committee will select the 3 best among the 6 awardees and announce the result during the welcome reception. The 3 selected papers will be proposed to submit an extended version that will be submitted to IEEE TBME journal. The paper will pass through regular reviewing process but treated as extension of a conference paper. NUMEV sponsoring should be mentioned in the final version of the conference and journal papers.

Application template is available here

IEEE TNSRE special issue

A selection of the best papers submitted to the conference, either 4-pages or 1-page abstract, will be organized by the Award Committee. There is no condition on authors and papers will go through the regular paper review but on a dedicated special issue. The selected papers will be asked just after the conference, to submit an extension of the work presented to the conference following the rules of the journal.





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