Latest News

  • Submission deadline extension

Due to multiple requests and holidays, 4-page submission deadline has been extended until: Jan 6, 2017 (Dec 15, 2016).

  • Nomination Form

Students who attend Student Paper Competition must submit 4-page paper and nomination form to the papercept by Jan 6, 2017 (Dec 15, 2016), please refer to Student Paper Competition page.

  • Neural Engineering Student Travel Award

This award is designed to encourage excellence in Neural Engineering with particular emphasis on Neural Interface ( deadline is the same as abstract submission for the conference ), please refer to Neural Engineering Student Travel Award page. Please send a copy of your conference abstract to dxd6@case.edu.

  • Now Call for proposals

NER’17 will have half- or one-day pre-conference workshops on May 25, 2017. Now calling for pre-conference Workshop Proposals (deadline Nov 1, 2016), please refer to Call for Proposals page. Please submit your proposal online here.


  • Neuroimaging
  • Brain-Computer and Brain-Machine Interfaces
  • Neural Computation and Modeling
  • Neuro-Nanotechnology
  • Neural Prostheses
  • Neuro-Robotics
  • Cognitive Neural Engineering
  • Neuromodulation
  • Brain Stimulation and Neuromodulation
  • Neurophotonics

Organization Committee

Conference Chair:                        Shanbao Tong

Conference Co-Chair:                  Jose Principe

Program Chair:                             Lei Ding

Program Co-Chair:                       Paul Sajda

Committee Members:                  Bin He, Bo Hong, David Guiraud, Dominique Durand, Metin Akay

Conference Program

(updated on December 14th, 2016)

May 25,2016 May 26,2016
Registration and Preconference Workshops Keynote Talk: Chad Bouton, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research,Northwell Health,Title:”Restoring Movement after Paralysis and the Future of Bioelectronic Medicine”                                                           Symposium: Brain Computer Interface
Symposium: Bioelectronic Medicine                              Plenary Talk: Mu-Ming Poo, Chinese Academy of Science                                                                               SPC Award Ceremony                                               Welcome Reception
May 27,2016 May 28,2016
Keynote Talk: Herta Flor, University of Heidelberg, Title: “Brain circuits involved in phantom limb pain: Implications for treatment”       Symposium: Cognitive Neural Engineering  Symposium: Neurocomputation Keynote Talk: Sameer Sheth, Columbia University, Title: “Neurophysiology of Cognitive Control in Human Prefrontal Cortex”
Symposium: Neuroimaging                                 Symposium: Neurorehabilitation and Prosthetics